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By | March 12, 2014


I had an opportunity to interview Stuart G Hall, a successful entrepreneur and a growth hacker with over 20 years of experience. Here are the excerpts from the interview. We also briefly talked about some innovative growth hacking ideas and as a case study, looked at how can yplan hack growth (Disclaimer: These ideas and thoughts are of an individual as seen from a customer’s view point. We don’t have any official association with the brand) . Read on..

1. A brief introduction of yours (please mention your background and experience and your expertise)

I am a passionate entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in launching and running startups from Red Pepper magazine in the 1990s, B2B medical imaging startup MedicExchange in 2006-07, to ideas accelerator Toucan last year including top business mentors including Pret A Manger founder Julian Metcalfe.


Along the way I have also worked for big brands including EMAP, eBay Inc and Sony, and acquired expertise in online marketing with a particular fascination for growth hacking.

2. As a growth hacker, what are your specific areas of expertise (eg. onsite/offsite/collaborations ect.). Please elaborate. Also, it would be great to know your wins in the recent past

I have expertise in managing and strategy in social media and online communities, particularly how to measure ROI, from work with Sony EU in 2012 for example, which I have used to good effect in growth hacking. I’ve also done a fair bit of work on understanding the psychology of online customers first at eBay then at Sony where I went into more depth on the qualitative side, which I use creatively to inform the design of growth hacking experiments.

One quick win was increasing the size of the opt-in email membership of UK by over 360%, which I achieved with a little ‘cheat’ by promoting it through emails sourced with an e-marketing database with a huge list of inactive members. Globally however for that business the best growth hack was accidental – created by the need to changed the site code to enable retailers’ prices to be updated every 30 minutes to comply with German law, a key complaint of our customers which they really appreciated!

3. Name a couple of your favorite case studies of best growth hacks engineered ever (for eg. Mine is the epic craigslist integration of Airbnb and double viral loop of dropbox).

For showing the power of A/B testing the change in the Bing blue color that’s was worth an estimate $80 million in ad sales. But I also really like Facebook crowdsourcing the translation of international pages for international growth as a really neat example of a win-win for the business and its users.

4. If you were to have a free hand, Name one startup that you would love to consult and work with as a growth hacker. What would be your strategy (at least at a high level)

YPlan, the event app. In their current advert for a growth hacker they actually ask for a top growth hack idea. Mine would be to work on get integration with PayPal so that payment for events could take place without having to stop to grab your card to make a payment. The collaboration would also allow for excellent cross-promotional opportunities too for acquisition purposes both for merchants for PayPal and new users for YPlan.

What do you think of the idea? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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